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Vol 52, No 3 (2004)


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Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

Editor’s Introduction PDF
Filomeno V. Aguilar Jr. 273–274


The Making of a Myth: John Leddy Phelan and the “Hispanization” of Land Tenure in the Philippines PDF
Glenn Anthony May 275–307
Comments on Glenn May’s Article PDF
Fernando N. Zialcita, Jaime B. Veneracion, John N. Schumacher, S.J. 308–319
“The Tree as the Enemy of Man”: Changing Attitudes to the Forests of the Philippines, 1565-1989 PDF
Greg Bankoff 320–344
Devolution of Natural Resource Management and Philippine Crocodile Conservation: The Case of San Mariano, Isabela PDF
Jan van der Ploeg, Merljin van Weerd 345–382
The Hakyadan of Froilan Havana: Ritual Obligation in Manobo Religion PDF
Augusto B. Gatmaytan 383–426

Book Reviews

Rebecca T. Añonuevo Talinghaga ng Gana PDF
Joseph Salazar 427–428
Nicanor G. Tiongson The Woman of Malolos PDF
Francis Gealogo 429–430
Hazel J. Wrigglesworth Ampatuan Ampalid The Song from the Mango Tree PDF
Rosario Cruz Lucero 431–436


Contributors PDF
Contributors to Volume 54 Number 3: 2004 437-438