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Vol 9, No 4 (1961)

Table of Contents


The Bishop's Directives on Participation in the Mass PDF
Paul Brunner, S.J. 557-570
Leadership in a Benguet Village PDF
Vicente Encarnacion, Jr. 571-583
The Kaiser and the Philippines PDF
Leon Ma. Guerrero 584-600
The Case For More Geography in Philippine Universities PDF
D. J. Dwyer, T. W. Luna, Jr., D. C. Salita 601-610
Karl Marx: Seed of the Prophets PDF
John F. Doherty 611-626

Review Articles

Bernad: Bamboo and the Greenwood Tree PDF
Carmita Legarda de Carrion 627-638
Joaquin: The Woman Who Had Two Navels PDF
Josefina D. Constantino 639-650


The Voice of the Iglesia ni Cristo: 1951-1961 PDF
Joseph J. Kavanagh, S.J. 651-665

Notes and Comment

Maguindanao Music PDF
Jose Maceda 666-671
Golden Rule in Business PDF
Maximo F. Gimenez 671-673
A Non-Communist Manifesto? PDF
Antonio Ayala 674-677
Letter from Britain PDF
Renato Puentevella 677-679
Implications of Freedom PDF
Hernando Maceda 679-685

Book Reviews

A Blessed Old Age: Making the Latter Years Count PDF
Austin V. Dowd 686-688
The Cell for the Millions: Inside the Living Cell PDF
Ana Maria Javellana 688-689
P.I. Economics in Spanish Times: Les Philippines Et Le Pacifique Des Iberiques PDF
Nicholas P. Cushner 689-690
Biology for the Tropics: Biology for Tropical Schools PDF
Jaime C. Joaquin 690-691
A Brief for Kerygmatics: Confranternity Teacher's Guide PDF
Emmanuel V. Non 691-693
The Teens and the Married: Party Time and A Marriage Primer PDF
Andrew F. Cervini 693-694
Bothe Fair and Far: Reinhold Niebuhr on Politics PDF
Daniel Clifford, S.J. 695-699
Irreligious Religion? A Burnt-Out Case PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 699-701
Magsaysay's Failings? The Magsaysay Administration PDF
Vicente R. Jayme 699-706
Small-Town Power Patters: The Dynamics of Power in a Philippine Municipality PDF
Jose V. Abueva 707-710
The Bible Comes Alive: Witnesses to God and the Old Testament and Our Times PDF
Philip J. Calderone 710-712
Stimson Embalmed: Turmoil and Tradition PDF
Thomas R. McHale 713-714
Logic, Profuse but Good: The Scientific Art of Logic PDF
Henry B. McCullough 715-718
The Guy and Juan: Magsaysay and the Philippine Peasantry PDF
Jose V. Abueva 718-719
Philippine Demography: Population Growth and Manpower in the Philippines PDF
Jose V. Abueva 720-721


Contributors and Reviewers PDF
Volume 9 Number 4 1961 722


Index to Volume 9: 1961 PDF
Volume 9 Number 4 1961 723-726