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Vol 44, No 4 (1996)

Philippine Studies

Table of Contents


Influences of the European Middle Ages in the Philippines PDF
David Keck 447–464
Apparition, Narration, and Reappropriation of Meaning PDF
Agustin Martin Rodriguez, Felice Noelle Rodriguez 465–478
Archaeological Explorations in Batanes Province PDF
Eusebio Z. Dizon, Rey A. Santiago 479–499
The Santo and the Rural Aristocracy PDF
Victor S. Venida 500–513

Texts and Documents

The Date of the Laguna Copperplate Inscription PDF
Hector Santos 514–525

Notes and Comments

The Tagalog “Loob” in Oliver’s Doctrina Christiana PDF
Jose Mario C. Francisco, S.J. 526–531
Philippine Theater and the Medieval World PDF
Doreen G. Fernandez 532–541

Review Article

Philippine Studies and the Problem of “Representation” PDF
David Keck 542–551

Book Reviews and Notes

The Anti-Marcos Struggle, by Thompson PDF
Belinda A. Aquino 552–555
Penmanship and Other Stories, by Dalisay PDF
Danton R. Remoto 556
Imagining the Nation, by Martinez-Sicat PDF
Roberto Archie R. Carampatan, S.J. 557–558
Allegories of Resistance, by San Juan PDF
Roberto Archie R. Carampatan, S.J. 559–560
The Beginning and Other Asian Folktales, by Bejarano, et al. PDF
Roberto Archie R. Carampatan, S.J. 560
The Living and the Dead, by Enriquez PDF
Eric Z. Aragones, S.J. 561–562


Contributors PDF
Contributors to Volume 44, No. 4 563


Index PDF
Index to Volume 44, No. 4 564–567