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Vol 17, No 1 (1969)

Table of Contents


Toward A Classification of Bisayan Folk Beliefs and Customs PDF
Francisco Demetrio 3–39
The Hand of the Enemy: The Stories of Kerima Polotan PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 40–59
Desire and Doom in Kerima Polotan PDF
Leonard Casper 60–71
Advertising in the Philippines PDF
John A. Lent 72–96

Texts and Documents

A View of the American Campaign Against “Fillipino Insugents”: 1900 PDF
Melvin G. Holli 97–111

Special Report

An Assessment of the Perceptions of Institutionalized Filipino Youth PDF
Maureen McCarthy 112–119
On the Eighth General Meeting of the International Federation of Catholic Universities PDF
John F. Doherty, S.J. 120–132

Notes and Comments

Humanae Vitae and the Spirit of Vatican II PDF
H. Paul Le Maire, S.J. 133–145

Review Article

The Taiping Rebellion: Its Relevance to Modern China PDF
Charles J. McCarthy 146–153
The Communist Scheme of Life PDF
Alfredo B. Saulo 154–157

Book Reviews

Crisis in German Catholicism: Capitulation PDF
Vernon Poore, F.S.C. 158–159
New Trends in Adolescent Catechesis: Methods, The Catechetical Experience PDF
Jose Maria Fuentes, S.J. 159–163
Philippine Korido: Ang Puting Timamanukin: PDF
Nicanor G. Tiongson 163–165
Human and Divine Suffering PDF
Epitacio V. Castro 165
Philippine-Japanese Relations: 1930-1940: Four Aspects of Philippine-Japanese Relations PDF
Josefa M. Saniel 166–170
Rural Scene in 19th Century China: Rural China PDF
Charles J. McCarthy 172–175
Today’s Catholic: His Doubts and Beliefs: Beyond Questions and Answers PDF
Jose B. Chanco 175–177
Maranao-English Dictionary: A Maranao Dictionary PDF
Teodoro A. Llamson 177–178
College Admission Test: Screening for College Aptitude PDF
James F. Culligan 179
The Religious and His Place in the Church: Open to the Spirit PDF
Pedro S. De Achutegui, S.J. 180–182
A Rahner Translation on Christ’s Divinity: A Theology of Proclamation PDF
Joseph F. Murphy, S.J. 182–186
Religious Philosophy of Modern Russia: Ultimate Questions PDF
Thomas J. O’Shaughnessy, S.J. 186–188


Contributors PDF
Contributors to Volume 17, No. 1 189–190