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Vol 1, No 3-4 (1953)

Table of Contents


Communist Propaganda in the Philippines (1950-1953) PDF
Jose M. Crisol 207-222
Poetry By Allusion PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 223-235
The Place of Ethics in the Medical Curriculum PDF
Victorio de la Fuente 236-248
The Religion of the Y.M.C.A. PDF
Leo A. Cullum 249-269

Notes and Comment

Laid in a Manger PDF
Joseph J. Kavanagh 270-272
Impressions of Japanese Catholicity PDF
Francis M. O' Byrne 272-273
Trend Toward Sanity PDF
L. A. C. 274-276

Book Reviews

Land and People in the Philippines PDF
Thomas R. McHale 277-278
Philippine Writing: An Anthology PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 278-280
Asian Nationalism and the West PDF
H. de la Costa 280-283
Report on Mao's China and God's Underground in Asia PDF
Daniel Clifford 283-286
Beyond East and West PDF
Daniel Clifford 286-288
The Moral Obligation of Voting PDF
Gerald W. Healy 288-291
The Philosophy of Human Knowing PDF
Ralph B. Gehring 291-292
The Catholic Way, My Way of Life and The Sacred Heart Encyclicals of Pope Leo XIII and Pope Prus XI PDF
Ralph B. Gehring 292-294
The Warrior Saint PDF
James J. Meany 294-297


Contributors and Reviewers PDF
Volume 1 Number 4 1953 204


Index to Volume 1: 1953 PDF
Volume 1 Number 4 1953 298-303