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Vol 2, No 1 (1954)

Table of Contents


Some Notes on Public Elementary Education in Iloilo Province 1885-1899 PDF
Frederick W. Fox 5-19
Comments on the Magna Charta of Labor PDF
Rodolfo G. Tupas 20-29
Education Bills PDF
James J. Meany 30-39
The Seventh Annual AAP Art Exhibition PDF
Fernando Zobel 40-49
Literary Survey - 1953 PDF
L. A. C. 50-58

Book Reviews

New Guinea and the Marianas PDF
Harry S. Hudson 59-62
Watch in the Night by Edilberto K. Tiempo PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 63-66
The Catholic Church and the American Idea: By Theodore Maynard PDF
Joseph J. Kavanagh 66-68
The Story of the "Romance": By William E. Rively, S.J. PDF
Charles E. Wolf 69-70
Psychiatry and Catholicism: Fundamental Psychiatry PDF
Francesco Parisi 70-72
Norms for the Novel by Harold C. Gerdiner, S.J. PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 72-74
Adult Education in the Philippines PDF
Nicholas A. Kunket 74-76
Darkness Visible: A Revelation and Interpratation of Freemasonry PDF
Leo A. Cullum 76-80


Reviewers to Volume 2 Number 1 1954 PDF
Volume 2 Number 1 1954 80


Contributors to Volume 2 Number 1 11954 PDF
Volume 2 Number 1 1954 81