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Vol 3, No 4 (1955)

Table of Contents


Contributors to Volume 3 Number 4 1955 PDF
Volume 3 Number4 1955 344


Two and a Half Centuries of the Galleon Trade PDF
Benito Legarda, Jr. 345-372
The Federation of Free Farmers PDF
Jeremias U. Montemayor 373-388
The Scope of Economics in Its Relationship to Morals PDF
Francisco Araneta 389-402
The Tinguians and Their Old Form of Worship PDF
Florencio D. Millare 403-414
Graduate Theses PDF
Marcela V. AvaceƱa 415-420

Notes and Comment

Manila Catholic Charities PDF
Thomas A. Mitchell 421-422
Bibliography PDF
Leo A. Cullum 424
Philippine Periodical Trends PDF
Leo A. Cullum 424-427
Conversion by Masonry PDF
Leo A. Cullum 428

Book Reviews

Classig on Pygmies: Die Negrito Asiens PDF
M. Vanoverbergh 429-432
Stimulating the Reader: Current Issue in Philippine Education PDF
Frederick Fox 432-436
La Escondida Senda: Ten Centuries of Spanish Poetry PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 436-439
Sound Political Theory: Fundamental of Government PDF
Samuel R. Wiley 439-441


Reviewers to Volume 3 Number 4 1955 PDF
Volume 3 Number 4 1955 442


Index to Volume 3 1955 PDF
Volume 3 Number 4 1955 443-450