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Vol 3, No 2 (1955)

Table of Contents


A System for Catholic Action PDF
Bishop Lino R. Gonzaga 117-135
Usury in the Philippines Today PDF
G. W. Healy 136-156
Toward Social Justice for the Farm Laborer PDF
Cristobal P. Hofilena 157-163
Ionosphere Research at the Manila Observatory PDF
James J. Hennessey 164-186
The Spanish Tradition in Nick Joaquin PDF
Lourdes Busuego Pablo 187-207

Notes and Comments

The Perennial Classic PDF
James W. Burke 208-210
The Poor Children PDF
Leo A. Cullum 210-211
Institute for Mission Apologies PDF
J. Hofinger 211-213
"Diamond Ring" Eclipse Phase PDF
V. Marasigan 212

Book Reviews

A First Printing: Ordinates Generales PDF
H. de la Costa 214-216
New Guinea Mission: Savage Papua PDF
Leo A. Cullum 216-220
English Psalmody: The Psalms in Rhythmic Prose PDF
Joseph J. Kavanagh 220-221
Blind Guides: Love, Courtship and Marriage PDF
William Carney 221-222
Sophisticated Anthology: Six Filipino Poets PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 223-224
The Concrete Universal: The Verbal Icon PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 224-226
Morals For Newsmen: Fundamentals of Journalism PDF
Aurelio B. Calderon 226-227
Accent on the Child: Methods and Curricula in Elementary Education PDF
Sister Mary Caritas 228-230
The Mind for the Multitude: Personality and Mental Health PDF
Francesco Parisi 230-231
Vocational Traning: The Supervision of Industrial Arts PDF
Guillermo Mendoza 231


Contributors to Volume 3 Number 2 1955 PDF
Volume 3 Number 2 1955 232


Reviewers to Volume 3 Number 2 1955 PDF
Volume 3 Number 2 1955 233