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Vol 5, No 3 (1957)

Table of Contents


Sunspots and the Igy: The Mechanism of the Sun PDF
Richard A. Miller 241-260
Silver Ex-Votos in Ilocos PDF
Fernando Zobel 261-267
Why an Ambassador to the Vatican? PDF
Jose M. Delgado 268-270
The Missionary as Anthropologist: Religioius Belief Among the Ifugao PDF
Francis Lambrecht 270-286
The Question of Jurisdiction: American Military Personnel in the Philippines PDF
Gerald W. Healy 287-298
The University and the Development of Ideals and Moral Values PDF
Leo A. Cullum 299-310
Charles E. Deppermann S. J.: Philippine Scientist PDF
James J. Hennessey 311-329
Philippine Bibliography PDF
The Published Works of Charles E. Deppermann, S.J. 330-335

Notes and Comment

Stormy Weather in the Ionosphere PDF
J. Hennessey, V. Marasigan 336-339

Book Reviews

A Season of Grace PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 340-342
Post War Rehabilitation: The British Military Administration in the Far East 1943-46 PDF
Austin V. Dowd 343-346
Socialism in India: Indian Approaches to a Socialist Society PDF
Arthur A. Weiss 346-348
The Outsider PDF
Antonio V. Romualdez 348-352
Bad Translation: Theo Sources of Catholic Dogma PDF
James T. Griffin 352-356
Shorter Notices: The Psychology of Human Differences PDF
James Culligan 356-357
Glossary of Sociological Terms PDF
Thomas A. Mitchell 357-358


Contributors and Reviewers PDF
Volume 5 Number 3 1957 358