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Vol 6, No 2 (1958)

Table of Contents


The Stories of Alejandro Roces PDF
Arturo G. Roseburg 139-154
The Father of Existentialism PDF
James T. Griffin 155-164
The Coats of Arms of the Ecclesiastical Jurisdictions in the Philippines III PDF
Most Rev. Mariano Madriaga 165-173
New Light on Gregorio Aglipay from Unpublished Documents in the Manila Archdiocesan Archives PDF
Pedro S. de Achutegui, Miguel A. Bernad 174-209
Chemistry and Philippine Economic Progress PDF
William J. Schmitt 210-222

Book Reviews

Three Ignatian Masterpieces: Saint Ignatius Loyola PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 223-228
More Philippines Plays: More Short Plays of the Philippines PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 229-230
Splendid New Poet: Time Without Number PDF
C. G. Arevalo 230-233
Psychopaths and Delinquents PDF
Francisco Parisi 233-235
Eclectic Psychiatry: Dynamics of Psychotheraphy PDF
Francesco Parisi 235-237
Cytologic Technics for Office and Clinic PDF
Jesus M. Tan 237-238
Church History: History of the Catholic Church PDF
Austin V. Dowd 238-239


The Local Dialects, English and Tagalog PDF
Editor's Note 240-242


Contributors and Reviewers PDF
Volume 6 Number 2 1958 245