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Vol 7, No 4 (1959)

Table of Contents


Economic Freedom: Adam Smith vs. The Papacy PDF
Michael McPhelin 393-408
Teaching Poetry PDF
H. B. Furay 409-434
Teaching Poetry PDF
Domingo Abella 435-447
Notes for a History of Philosophy in the Philippines PDF
Leo A. Cullum 448-460
Medical Ethics: Some Current Doctrine PDF
Gerald W. Healy, S.J. 461-479

Notes and Comment

Three Centenaries PDF
H. de la Costa 480-482
Towards a Common Bible PDF
J. J. Kavanagh, S.J. 483-484
The Margin Act PDF
Michael McPhelin 484-486
Behind the Nationalist Facade PDF
Enrique L. Victoriano 487-488
Wishing Won't Make It So PDF
H. B. Furay 488-492
Menander's "The Fretful One" PDF
Francisco Demetrio 492-494
Trying to Read Villa PDF
Rolando S. Tinio 494-499

Book Reviews

Selling Farm Produce: Marketing Problems and Improvement Programs PDF
Narciso Ferrer 500-502
A Great Pope: PIUS XI: The Pope and the Man PDF
Austin V. Dowd 503-504
Satyagraha: Conquest of Violence PDF
Roque Ferriols 504-509
The Church in Philippine Law: Church and State Law in the Philippines PDF
Samuel R. Wiley 509-511
The Failure of the Romantic Sensibility: La Via: A Spiritual Journey PDF
Emmanuel Torres 511-518
Liturgical Renewal: Worship: The Life of the Missions PDF
Vicente San Juan 519-521
Social Classes: The American Class Structure and Social Stratification: A Comparative Analysis of Structure and Process PDF
Francis C. Madigan 521-523
Literary Paper Backs: Mermaid Dramabooks PDF
James F. Donelan 523-526
Clear Thinking and Writing: The Logic and Rhetoric of Esposition PDF
William J. Malley 526-527
Spain in the Philippines: The Hispanization of the Philippines: Spanish Aims and Filipino Responses PDF
Francis C. Madigan 528-529
American Catholic Colleges: A History of Catholic Higher Education in the United States PDF
James J.. Meany 529-532
Solving Social Ills: Major Social Problems PDF
Charles McKenney 532-535
Fighting Cocks: Of Cocks and Kites and Other Short Stories PDF
Enrique Victoriano Victoriano 535-538
A Useful Text: The Elements of Logic PDF
Henry B. McCullough 538-539
The Study of Population: Demographic Analysis PDF
Francis C. Madigan 539-542
Filipiniana in the Newberry: A Catalogue of Printed Materials Relating to the Philippine Islands PDF
Ernest J. Frei 542-547
Ethics of Journalism: Valiant Heralds of Truth PDF
Antonio G. Manuud 547-549


Contributors and Reviewers PDF
Volume 7 Number 4 1959 550


Index to Volume 7: 1959 PDF
Volume 7 Number 4 1959 551-553