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Vol 7, No 3 (1959)

Table of Contents


Jesuits: Spanish, American Filipino PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 257-259
One Hundred Years of the Ateneo de Manila PDF
Carlos P. Garcia 263-270
The Industrialization of Red China PDF
J. P. McCarthy 271-282
The Nature of the Visayan Verb PDF
Joseph Stoffel 283-294
The Old Man, The Sea and Hemingway PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 295-304

Book Reviews

Filipino Culture: Freedom, Nationhood and Culture PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 305-307
The SEATO Round Table: The South-East Asian Round Table PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 307-308
Ilocano-English Dictionary PDF
Isaias X. Edralin 308-309
Spanish Colonial Era: Spanish Colonial Administration, 1782-1810 and Latin American History PDF
Nicholas P. Cushner 310-311
The Problem of Affluence: The Affluent Society PDF
Antonio V. Ayala 312-313
The "Pagan" Renaissance: Pagan Mysteries in the Renaissance PDF
Antonio V. Romualdez 313-317
Barrio Houses in Negros Oriental: The Cebuan Filipino Dwelling in Caticugan PDF
Francis C. Madigan 318-320

Special Article

The Calatagan Excavations: Two 15th Century Burial Sites in Batangas, Philippines PDF
Robert B. Fox 321-389
The Excavations PDF
Robert B. Fox 390-401
Chinese Plate PDF
Robert B. Fox 402-450
Sawankhalok Plate PDF
Robert B. Fox 451-468
Annamese Plate PDF
Robert B. Fox 469-470
Philippine Earthenware PDF
Robert B. Fox 471-482
Metal Objects PDF
Robert B. Fox 483-484


Contributors and Reviewers PDF
Volume 7 Number 3 1959 483-484