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Vol 8, No 1 (1960)

Table of Contents


Political Transmission 15 I. Economics of the Transmission PDF
Michael McPhelin 4-37
II. The Transmission on National Politics PDF
H. de la Costa 38-43
III. The Transmission as Propaganda PDF
H. B. Furay 44-46
IV. Philippine Communism: Strategy and Tactics PDF
Enrique Victoriano 47-50
Islam in Sulu PDF
Cuthbert Billman, O.M.I. 51-57
Imaging PDF
H. B. Furay 58-74
Existentialism: The Atheistic Thread PDF
James T. Griffin 75-81
Jean Paul Sartre PDF
Ralph B. Gehring 82-98
The Manila Observatory PDF
James J. Hennessey 99-120
Colonial Churches of Ilocos PDF
Benito Legarda 121-158

Notes and Comment

Letter from Jogjakarta PDF
Jose Blanco 159-161
The Poet's Worth PDF
H. B. Furay 161-163
Report on Spain PDF
Jose Marie Mata Y Trani 163-167
The Sound of Stereo PDF
Theodore E. Daigler 167-170
Private Enterprise on the Frontier PDF
Sixto K. Roxas 170-175
Old Testament Problems PDF
J. J. Kavanagh, S.J. 175-177
Democracy at the Grass Roots PDF
J. G. Bernas 177-180
More on Episcopal Succession PDF
Domingo Abella 180
Parish Taxes PDF
John A. Pollock, S.J. 181-185

Book Reviews

Ballie of UP: High Tension PDF
Antonio G. Manuud 186-189
How Christ Was Condemned: The Trial of Jesus PDF
J. J. Kavanagh 189-192
India's Problems: Regionalism Versus Provincialism PDF
A. Fonseca 192-193
The Free Farmers Examined: The Philippine Federation of Free Farmers PDF
Guillermo S. Santos 193-197
An Excellent Catalog: Classified List of Filipiniana Books and Pamphlets PDF
Robert J. Suchan 197-198
Romulus and His City: Founding Fathers PDF
William J. Malley 198-200
He Died Old: King of Pontus PDF
Henry L. Irwin 200-202
Modern Moral Problems: Contemporary Moral Theology PDF
Gerald W. Healy 203-205
Western Ships in Eastern Waters: Dutch-Asiatic Trade and the Manila Galleon PDF
Nicholas P. Cushner 205-206
The Inner Life of St. Ignatius: The Spiritual Journal of St. Ignatius Loyola PDF
Neil J. Quirke 206-208
A Greek Tragedy? The Book of Job PDF
Francisco Demetrio 208-216
Adult Education: Handbook of Catholic Adult Education PDF
Charles R. McKenney 216-217
The Patriotic Shortener: A History of the Guillotine PDF
H. de la Costa 218-219
A Senator's Speeches: Public Addresses PDF
Joaquin Bernas 219-220
Invigorating Parish Life: The Parish PDF
Samuel R. Wiley 220-222
Amigos Del Pais: The Economic Socities in the Spanish World PDF
Nicholas P. Cushner 222-224
A Happy Beginning: The Art of the Philippines PDF
Antonio G. Manuud 224-228
Points for Priests: Holiness of the Priesthood PDF
Samuel R. Wiley 228-229
Philosophy Made Attractive: An Introduction to Philosophy PDF
Henry B. McCullough 229-232
The Training of Nurses: University Learning in Nursing PDF
Sister Mechtraud, S.SP.S. 232-233


Contributors and Reviewers PDF
Volume 8 Number 1 1960 234