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Vol 9, No 3 (1961)

Table of Contents


Reciprocity in the Lowland Philippines PDF
Mary R. Hollnsteiner 387-413
The American Historical Collection of Filipiniana PDF
E. Victor Niemeyer 414—422
Some Slighted Poets: II. William Langland PDF
James Donelan 423-459
The Scientist as Creative Artist PDF
Carno Fernandez 460-468
The Ascent of Mount Canlaon PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 469-487
Notes on the Revolution in Surigao PDF
Leo A. Cullum 488-494
Anovulant Pills PDF
Gerald W. Healy, S.J. 495-504


The Arts: January to June PDF
Antonio Manuud 505-519

Notes and Comment

Dr. Salcedo and "The Liberty of Education" PDF
Joaquin G. Bernas 520-525
The Purchase of Meralco PDF
Michael McPhelin 525-528
Eucalyptus Trees PDF
Paulo Muo 528-531
Traces of Rizal PDF
Leo A. Cullum 531-532

Review Article

Boxer: The Great Ship From Amacon PDF
Nicholas Cushner 533-542

Book Review

The Blindness of Prejudice: United for Separation PDF
Samuel R. Wiley 543-544
Cardinals in History: The Papal Princes PDF
Samuel R. Wiley 544-546
New Challenge to an Old Problem: Elements of Composition PDF
Hugh Stewart 546-548
Can Believers be Philosopher? Christian Philosophy and Intellectual Freedom PDF
Francis E. Reilly 548-550
The Rest of the World: A Select Bibliography PDF
Robert J. Suchan 550-551
Two Carloses: I Walked with Heroes and Sound of Falling Light PDF
Miguel A. Bernard 551-552


Contributors and Reviewers PDF
Volume 9 Number 3 1961 553