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Vol 9, No 1 (1961)

Table of Contents


Rizal and the Progress of the Natural Sciences PDF
J. P. Bantug 3-16
The First Philippine Porcelain PDF
Fernando Zobel de Ayala 17-19
Some Notes on Education in Cebu Province, 1820-1898 PDF
Frederick Fox, Juan Mercader 20-46
The Development of American Policy Towards the Philippines PDF
Thomas R. McHale 47-71
Some Further Remarks About the L-Feature PDF
Eugene Verstraelen 72-77
Damian Domingo, Filipino Painter PDF
Carlos Quirino 78-96


Recent Historical Writing on the Philippines Abroad PDF
John N. Schumacher 97-127
Philippine Copyrighted Material, 1959-1960 PDF
Leo A. Cullum 128-139

Notes and Comment

Financial Achievement of 1960 PDF
Michael McPhelin 140-143
The Suspension of Congressman Osmena PDF
Joaquin G. Bernas 144-148
Research, A Necessary Part of Science Education? PDF
William J. Schmitt 149-152
Brainwarping PDF
Charles J. McCarhty 153-165

Review Articles

Tarlac and Andromeda: The Stories of Gregorio Brillantes PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 166-171
Some Notes on a Philippine Novel PDF
Joseph A. Galdon 172-182

Book Reviews

The Brothers: Quartermasters For Christ PDF
Charles E. Wolf 183
Rizal's Spain: Historia Politica De La Espana Contemporanea PDF
John N. Schumacher 184-185
Pastoral Psychology: Counselling the Catholic PDF
Jaime Bulatao 185-187
Tropical Plants: Practical Botany for the Tropics PDF
Jaime C. Joaquin 187-188
An Existentialist on Scholarship: The Idea of the University PDF
Francis E. Reilly 188-190
Who Reads Books? College Teaching and the College Library PDF
Francis E. Reilly 190-192
Manifest Destiny: In the Days of McKinley PDF
John N. Schumacher 192-194
Father McKinnon: The First California's Chaplain: The Story of the Heroic Chaplain PDF
John N. Schumacher 194-197
A Reporter in Rome: How the Catholic Church is Governed PDF
Pablo V. Aguilar 197-198
Ignatius to Gregory: Saints Who Made History - The First Five Centuries PDF
William J. Malley 199-201