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Vol 12, No 2 (1964)

Table of Contents


The Word of God in the Word of the Church PDF
Joseph J. Smith, S.J. 183-202
Philippine Economic Development Plans, 1746-1779 PDF
Maria Lourdes Diaz-Trechuelo 203-231
The Problem of Cultural Diversity PDF
Francisco Araneta 232-243
Faith and Reason in a Spiritual Philosophy PDF
Joseph L. Roche, S.J. 244-259
Philippine Independence and the Last Lame-Duck Congress PDF
Theodore W. Friend 260-276
The Play's the Thing PDF
Rolando S. Tinio 277-287

Texts and Documents

The Abandonment of Tamontaka Reduction (1898-1899) PDF
Nicholas P. Cushner 288-295
Leonard Wood As Governor General: A Calendar of Selected Correspondence, Part 2 PDF
Michael Onorato 296-314


Some Works on the History of Linguistics PDF
Teodoro Llamzon 315-322

Notes and Comment

The First Vernacular Zarzuela PDF
Ely Javillonar-Marquez 323-324
The Liturgical Reform of Vatican II PDF
Jose Maria Fuentes, S.J. 325-341
The Democrata Party PDF
Michael Onorato 342-346
The Agusan Image PDF
W. J. Van der Meulen 347
Population Growth and Fertility Control PDF
John F. Doherty, S.J. 348-351

Review Article

Ionesco's "Exit the King" and an Intriguing Exeunt PDF
Antonio G. Manuud 352-361

Book Reviews

Ideas Behind Mexican Reforms: Las Ideas Sociales Contemporanteas En Mexico PDF
Rafael Bernal 362-363
Texts in Chinese Studies: Sources of Chinese Tradition PDF
L. La Dany 363-364
Economic Report: Economic Survey of Asia and the Far East PDF
Eugenio Nierras, Jr. 364-367
Catholic and Censorship: Catholic Viewpoint on Censorship PDF
Joseph P. Del Tufo 367-369
New Moral Approach to Business: Ethics in Business PDF
Vitaliano R. Gorospe 369-371
A Study of A Filipino Community: The Dynamics of Power in a Philippine Municipality PDF
F. Landa Jocano 371-374
A Philippine Economic Geography: Shadows on the Land PDF
Michael McPhelin 374-376
Shakespeare's Fool: Praisers of Folly PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 376-378
Guerillas in Mindanao: 1942-1945: They Fought Alone PDF
Theodore Daigler 378-381
Towards an Understanding of Atheism: Atheism in Our Time PDF
John P. Ruane 381-384