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Vol 13, No 4 (1965)

Table of Contents


Eighteenth Century Philippine Economy: Mining PDF
Maria Lourdes Diaz-Trechuelo 763-800
The Birth and Death of A Mission: A Chapter in Philippine Church History PDF
William Henry Scott 801-821

Text and Documents

Leonard Wood As Governor General: A Calendar of Selected Correspondence, Part 4 PDF
Michael Onorato 822-849

Review Articles

Desolate Loneliness Within the Premises of Guilt PDF
Bienvenido Lumbera 850-859
The Philippines Between 1929 and 1946 PDF
Michael Onorato 860-865

Book Reviews

"Conversations" with a University President: In His Image and Likeness PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 866-868
Brazil in the Early Eighteenth Century: The Golden Age Of Brazil PDF
Jose S. Arcilla 868-873
God's Word: Revelation and Preaching PDF
J.J. Smith 873-876
Geopolitics and International Relations: Geography and Politics in a World Divided PDF
Frank C. Darling 873-878
The Lord's Prayer and Today's Christian: We Dare to Say our Father PDF
James J. McCann 878-880
National Development and Human Resources: Manpower and Education PDF
Michael McPhelin 881-882
On the Great Landholdings of Mexico: The Sanchez Navarros PDF
Rafael Bernal 882-884
English Life Since 1780: A Glimpse: Society and Politics in England PDF
Nicholas Bayne 884-886
A History of the Theology of Marriage: The Theology of Marriage PDF
Samuel R. Wiley, S.J. 886-888
An Introduction to the Medieval Mind: The Discarded Image PDF
Joseph P. Del Tufo, S.J. 888-889
An Insight into the Reformation: The Reformation PDF
Brother D. Gabriel, F.S.C. 889-891
The Wisdom of Nun-Sense PDF
Sister Mary Teresita Fiel, R.G.S. 891-892
The Elusive Illusion: Southeast Asia: Illusion and Reality in Politics and Economics PDF
Jorge M. Juco 892-893
The "Archive of Japan": Archivo Documental Espanol: El Archivo del Japon PDF
Josefa M. Saniel 893-895
On Some Letters of Teilhard De Chardin: Letters from Egypt PDF
Brother D. Gabriel, F.S.C. 895-896
The "Other Face" Of St. Therese of Lisieux: I Choose All PDF
Sister Mary James Wilson, R.G.S. 896-897
Towards Understanding and Improving Rural Communities: Health Practices in a Rural Community PDF
Manuel Escudero 897-899
On a History of Modern Malaya PDF
Nicholas Tarling 900-902


Index to Volume 13: 1965 PDF
Volume 13 Number 4 1965 903-906