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Vol 13, No 3 (1965)

Table of Contents


Foreword PDF
Horacio de la Costa 427


Introduction PDF
The Editors 428-432

San Jose Seminary

San Jose Seminary (1768-1915) PDF
Leo A. Cullum 433-460

On Karl Rahner

I. A Note on the Notion of "Selbstvollzug" in Karl Rahner PDF
Leonardo R. Silos 461-470
II. The Ignatian Experience as Reflected in the Spiritual Theology of Karl Rahner PDF
Avery Dulles 471-491
III. Some Reflections on Karl Rahner PDF
Carlos H. Abesamis 492-494
IV. The Faith of the Priest Today PDF
Karl Rahner 495-503

On Bernard Lonergan

I. Philosophy of Education PDF
James W. Sanders 504-523
II. Lonergan's Contribution to the Present-Day Theological Dialog PDF
Robert L. Richard 524-545
III. Neither Jew Nor Greek, But One Human Nature and Operation in All PDF
Frederick E. Crowe 546-571
IV. On Bernard Lonergan: Understanding Understanding PDF
Time Magazine 572-575
V. Subject and Soul PDF
Bernard J.F. Lonergan 576-585
Renewal in Contemporary Theology: The Present Theological Perspective PDF
John G. Bovenmars 586-605

On The Constitution on the Church

I. Prenotes for a Reading of Vatican Council II's Constitution on the Church PDF
C.G. Arevalo 606-637
II. On The Laity PDF
Antonio V. Romualdez 638-651
III. The Blessed Virgin Mary in the Second Vatican Council PDF
Eduardo P. Hontiveros 652-669


Contraception-On the Eve of the Council's Decision PDF
Gerald W. Healy 670-686
The Theology of History PDF
Richard J. Cronin 687-706

Review Articles

The Religious Thought of Rizal PDF
John N. Schumacher 707-720
"Sacra Doctrina" in St. Thomas Aquinas PDF
Francis E. Reilly 721-724
On Power in the Church PDF
C. G. Arevalo 725-733

Book Reviews

Philippine Christianity: The Protestant View: "Vier Hunderte Christentum Auf Den Philippinen" PDF
Jose A. Cruz 734-735
On The Philosophy of Islam: Histoire de las Philosophie Islamique: I. Des Origines Jusqu'a la mort d'averroes PDF
Thomas J. O'Shaughnessy 736-737
The Enlightenment and Ethics: Nature and Culture PDF
Francis E. Reilly 737-741
The Development of Methodism in the Philippines: The Story of Methodism in the Philippines PDF
Ernest Frie 741-743
Ecumenism and Evangelical Christianity: The Ausburg Confession and Catholic Unity PDF
Antonio V. Romualdez 743-746
Lessons from the Church's History: Reform of the Church PDF
John N. Schumacher 746-747
Spiritual Notes of a Pope: Journal of a Soul PDF
Jose S. Arcilla 747-749
An Introduction to the New Testament: The Good News PDF
Jose Chanco 750
Some Thoughts on the Church: The Church Tomorrow PDF
Eric CasiƱo 751-753

Books Received

Books Received PDF
Editorial Team 754-757