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Vol 13, No 2 (1965)

Table of Contents


Legazpi 1564:1572 PDF
Nicholas P. Cushner 163-206
Primary Education in the Philippines, 1565-1863 PDF
Henry Frederick Fox 207-231
The Aggiornamento in Catholic Philosophy PDF
Joseph L. Roche 232-257
One Hundred Years of Jesuit Scientists: The Manila Observatory 1865-1965 PDF
John N. Schumacher 258-286


Bibliography on Legazpi and Urdaneta PDF
Isacio R. Rodriguez 287-229

Notes and Comment

"Because it is there"...The Philippines at the 32nd Venice Biennale PDF
Emmanuel Torres 330-349
A Note to Management on Traditional Filipino Values in Business Enterprises PDF
Mary R. Hollnsteiner 350-354

Review Articles

Catholic-Protestant Colloquium at Harvard PDF
James Gill 355-361
A Layman's Reappraisal of Contraception PDF
Vitaliano R. Gorospe 362-370
America and Southeast Asia PDF
Rolando N. Quintos 371-381

Book Reviews

Casper: The Wounded Diamond PDF
Edilberto de Jesus, Jr. 382-384
On A History of Philippine Art: Art in the Philippines PDF
Fernando N. Zialcita 384-387
A Challenge to Economic Discussion: Money to Grow On PDF
Eugenio Nierras, Jr. 387-390
An Approach to Shifting Cultivation: The Study of Shifting Cultivation PDF
Frank Lynch 390-391
The Expulsion of the Jesuits: Philippine Jesuits in Exile PDF
Leo A. Cullum 391-393
An Analysis of World Communism: The Nature of Communism PDF
John F. Doherty 394-395
The Church as Creative Force: Christianity and Revolution PDF
R. Eugene Moran 395-398
Pluralism in Communism: Ideology in Conflict: Communist Political Theory PDF
Austin Dowd 398-401
A Handbook on Philippine Life: Politics in the Philippines PDF
Michael P. Onorato 401
The Philippines and President McKinley: In the Days of McKinley PDF
Thomas R. McHale 401-404
A Theology of Progress: Maturing in Christ PDF
Sister Maria Bruno 404-407
A Retreat for Housewives: Halo For A Housewife: A Retreat at Home PDF
Maria Teresa Colayco 407-408
British Activities in South-East Asia: Britain and South-East Asia PDF
Nicholas Bayne 408-411
A Practical Man's Economics Guide: The Planning and Execution of Economic Development PDF
Michael McPhelin 411-413
One More About Romulo: Carlos P. Romulo: Voice of Freedom PDF
Michael P. Onorato 413
On The Supreme Court of the United States: An Autobiography of the Supreme Court PDF
Francis X. Curran 413-414
Faith, Church and Life: Our Way to God PDF
Sister Bellarmine Romualdez 401-404