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Vol 14, No 1 (1966)

Table of Contents


John Patrick Delaney, S.J. 1906-1956, I: The Early Years PDF
Raymond V. Gough 3-24
State of the Nation: A Challenge to Christian Statesmanship PDF
Samuel R. Wiley 25-37
Wages and Justice PDF
Michael McPhelin 38-51
Equity and Productivity Issue in Modern Agrarian Reform Legislation PDF
Vernon W. Rutten 52-64
Eighteenth Century Philippine Economy: Agriculture PDF
Maria Lourdes Diaz-Trechuelo 65-126

Notes and Documents

The Sociologist Looks at Communications PDF
John F. Doherty 127-130
The History of Acquisition: Foundation for Misunderstanding PDF
John L. Robinson 131-140

Review Articles

Two Doctrines on Justification: "Fides" and "Caritas" PDF
Antonio V. Romualdez 141-150

Book Review

On the Bureaucratic Features of Chinese Society: Chinese Civilization and Bureaucracy: Variation on a Theme PDF
Edilberto de Jesus, Jr. 151-158
Racial Prejudice in the Lusitanian Empire? Race Relations in the Portuguese Colonial Empire PDF
Nicholas P. Cushner 158-160
Water-Control and Chinese Development: Key Economic Areas in Chinese History pdf
Edilberto de Jesus, Jr. 160-166
A 'Library' on Modern Marriage: Design for Successful Marriage PDF
G. W. Healy, S.J. 166-167
A Short History of Benedictine Monasticism PDF
Sister Maria Bruno, OSB 167-171
On Pre-Marital Chasity: Why Wait Till Marriage? PDF
G. W. Healy, S.J. 171-172
A Source Book For Economic Geography: World Economic Development PDF
Michael McPhelin 172
A Satirist's View of Some Catholics: The Trouble with Catholics PDF
Jose Chanco 173-174
On Contraception and Procreative Good: Contraception and the Natural Law PDF
G. W. Healy, S.J. 175-176
A Southeast Asian Bibliography: PDF
Cecilio Lopez 176-178
Rahner on Ignatian Asceticism:Spritual Exercise pdf
Carlos H. Abesamis, S.J. 178-181
Internationalism: Contemporary Nationalism and the World Order pdf
Jorge M. Juco 181-182
A Sordid Splendor: Villa Magdalena pdf
Valdemar O. Olaguer 182-185