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Vol 18, No 4 (1970)

Table of Contents


On the Medium of Instruction: English or Pilipino PDF
Teodoro A. Llamzon 683-694
Igorot Responses to Spanish Aims: 1576-1896 PDF
William Henry Scott 695-717
Japan in Postwar Philippine Economy PDF
Vicente B. Valdepenas 718-739
Little Mansions: Some Aspects of Jose Rizal as a Novelist PDF
Elliott C. Arensmeyer 740-752
Illusion and the Inner Cell: A Critical Analysis of the Later Stories of Arturo B. Rotor PDF
Isagani R. Cruz 753-768

Special Report

Provincial Receptivity to Guidance and Counseling PDF
Maureen McCarthy 769-773

Notes and Comment

Notes and Comments PDF
S. Lovett 774-782

Review Article

Stories with a Thoroughly Philippine Outlook PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 783-787

Book Reviews

Ch'en Ching-Ho: The Chinese Community in the 16th Century Philippines PDF
Antonio S. Tan 789-791
Politics, Religion and Modern Man PDF
Joseph O'Hare, S.J. 791-793
A Messiah Modern as Tomorrow's Eggbeater: Jesus Christs PDF
Valdemar O. Olaguer 793-797
Hail The Bright Puppets: A Fairly Honourable Defeat PDF
Valdemar O. Olaguer 797-799


Index to Volume 18: 1970 PDF
Volume 18 Number 4 1970 800-803