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Vol 18, No 3 (1970)

Table of Contents


Plata Es Sangre: Sidelights on the Drain of Spanish-American Silver in the Far East, 1550-1700 PDF
C. R. Boxer 457-478
San Carlos Seminary and the Jesuits PDF
Leo A. Cullum 479-545
Foreign Operators in the Philippine Economy PDF
Vicente B. Valdepenas, Jr. 546-557
A Catholic Debate on God: Dewart and Lonergan PDF
Ruben L. F. Habito 558-576

Texts and Documents

Documents Concerning the Calamba Deportations of 1891 PDF
Jose S. Arcilla 577-633
First Expedition of Jesuits from the Philippines to China PDF
Charles J. McCarthy 634-644

Notes and Comment

A Tribute to Augustin Cardinal Bea PDF
William H. Quasha 645-653
Some Rural and Urban Housing Differences in the Philippines PDF
D. C. Bennett 654-658
Slaughter of Sangleys in 1639 pdf
Charles J. McCarthy 659-667

Book Reviews

On the Tagmemic Theory: Introduction to Tagmemic Analysis PDF
Teodoro A. Llamzon 668-669
Frampton, Kerney, Schattner: Forgotten Children PDF
Maureen McCarthy 669-671
An Inquiry into Economic Nationalism PDF
Michael McPhelin 671-673
Milward's Commentaries on Hopkins PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 674-676
The Modern Approach to Guidance: Approaches to Guidance in Contemporary Education PDF
Maureen McCarthy 676-678