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Vol 20, No 4 (1972)

Table of Contents


The Filipino Family-Owned Business: A Matriarchal Model PDF
J. Benjamin, C. Alvarez, Patricia M. Alvarez 547-562
Some Epic Laws of the Donggon: A Study in Structure PDF
Evelyn H. Nunes 563-576
Reflections on Buut-Loob-Nakem PDF
Leonardo N. Mercado, S.V.D. 577-602
The Cavite Mutiny: An Essay On The Published Sources PDF
John N. Schumacher 603-632
What is New About the New Catholic Morality? PDF
Gerald W. Healy, S.J. 633-652

Book Reviews

Sicat: Economic Policy and Philippine Development PDF
Michael McPhelin 653-654
A Dictionary of Cebuano Visayan PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 654-657
Father Jose Burgos: Priest and Nationalist PDF
Pablo Fernandez, O.P. 657-659
Positive Self-Regard and Authentic Morality PDF
John J. King 659-660
The Philippines: Problems and Prospects PDF
Michael McPhelin 660-661
Magindanao, 1860-1888: The Career of Datu Uto of Buayan PDF
John N. Schumacher 661-665
Spain in the Philippines PDF
Jose S. Arcilla 665-667
This Transcending God: The Teaching of the Author of "The Cloud of Unknowing" PDF
Thomas H. O'Gorman, S.J. 667-668
Theodore Roosevelt and the Philippines, 1897-1909 PDF
John N. Schumacher 668-671
L'Espirit De La Croisade PDF
William Malley 671-673
Before Aggression: Europeans Prepare the Japanese Army PDF
Lydia Yu 673-674


Index to Volume 20: 1972 PDF
Volume 20 Number 4 1972 681-687