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Vol 26, No 3 (1978)

Philippine Studies

Table of Contents

Editor's Preface

Editor's Preface PDF
Joseph L. Roche, S.J. 229-230


Rizal the Revolutionary and the Ateneo PDF
John N. Schumacher 231-240
A Sociologist's Memo: An Invitation to Proper Debunking PDF
Ricardo G. Abad 241-256
The Bacon Bill of 1926: New Light on an Exercise in Divide-and Rule PDF
Howard T. Fry 257-273
Classical Chinese Theory of Knowledge PDF
Manuel B. Dy, Jr. 274-284

Texts and Documents

An Ilocano-Igorot Peace Pact of 1820 PDF
John Flameygh, William Henry Scott 285-296
The Source of Nick Joaquin's "The Legend of the Dying Wanton" PDF
Florentino H. Hornedo 297-308

Notes and Comments

Notes on the ASAIHL Seminar Workshop PDF
Joseph A. Galdon 309-316

Review Article

Philippine Writings: A Mixed Salad PDF
Joseph A. Galdon 317-320

Book Reviews

The Huk Rebellion: A Study of Peasant Revolt in the Philippines PDF
Ronald K. Edgerton 321-323
Filipino Religious Psychology PDF
Vicente Marasigan, S.J. 324-325
Philippine Labor Movement in Transition PDF
John J. Carrol, S.J. 325-328
Bayanikasan - The Effective Democracy for all PDF
Nicolas Zafra 328-330
El Gobierno De Don Gaspar Antonio De La Torre Y Ayala / Las Islas Filipinas and El Gobierno En Filipinas Del Ilmo PDF
John N. Schumacher, S.J. 329-331
"The Genesis of a Troubled Vision" PDF
Joseph A. Galdon, S.J. 331-333