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Vol 2, No 2 (1954)

Table of Contents


Contributors to Volume 2 Number 2 1954 PDF
Volume 2 Number 2 1954 82


Rizal and Blumentritt PDF
John N. Schumacher 85-101
General Features of Philippine Weather PDF
Charles E. Deppermann 102-125
On Teaching Literature PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 126-148
The Holy See on Forming a Native PDF
Francis X. Clark 149-164
The Secretary of Education on Indecent Literature PDF
Campion Literary Guild 165-168

Notes and Comment

The Bird in the Bush PDF
J. J. M. 169-171
Federation of Free Farmers PDF
L. A. C. 171-174
Social Service Conference PDF
Thomas A. Mitchell 174-175

Book Reviews

Philippine Social Life and Youth: By Antonio Isidro PDF
Gregory G. Horgan 176-179
Soviet Policy in the Far East PDF
H. de la Costa 180-183
Catechism on the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church by Vitaliano Gorospe, S.J. PDF
Walter B. Hogan 183-185
The Riddle of Konnersreuth and Psychology PDF
Francesco Parisi 185-187
Conversation with the Earth PDF
James W. Skehan 187-189
A Critical History of Children's Literature PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 189-190
Foreword to the Old Testament Books PDF
Mitchell Dahood 190-191


Reviewers to Volume 2 Number 2 1954 PDF
Volume 2 Number 2 1954 191