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Vol 4, No 1 (1956)

Table of Contents


Othello Comes to Town: Orson Welles and Edmund Kean PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 3-14
Religious Freedom in the Philippines PDF
Jorge A. Coquia 15-30
Filipino Poet, Erect and Audible PDF
Leonard Casper 31-40
John Dewey's Substitute for Religion PDF
Ralph B. Gehring 41-56
The New College Theology PDF
Richard J. Cronin 57-74
Notes on Two Articles of Father Francisco Araneta, S.J. PDF
J. Eugene Poirier 75-82

Notes and Comment

Science Survey - 1955 PDF
Vicente Marasigan 83-86
Literary Survey - 1955 PDF
Leo A. Cullum 86-91
For the Farmer PDF
Leo A. Cullum 91-92
Community Schools PDF
Joseph I. Stoffel, S.J. 92-94

Book Reviews

Missions Appraised: Asia and Western Dominance PDF
H. de la Costa 95-106
English Cross Section: The Literary Apprentice PDF
Antonio T. Leetai 106-110
Tales of the Barrio: Children of the Ash-Covered Loam and Other Stories PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 111-112
Roll of Honor: Dictionary of Philippine Biography PDF
Leo A. Cullum 112-116
Huk Story: The Philippine Answer to Communism PDF
Arthur A. Weiss 116-118
Human Mind: Outlines of Empirical Psychology PDF
Francisco Parisi 118-119
Rule By Mother: Das Mutterrecht PDF
Francis Lambrecht 120-121


Contributors and Reviewers PDF
Volume 4 Number 1 1956 122-123